As summer winds down, its time to start thinking about your plans for the fall season.

With every season, there is a checklist of tasks that you should look over in order to make sure you home functions properly for the time of the year. Here are 6 ways to prep your home for fall.


1. Clean the Bathroom Fan

Summer humidity results in build up in your bathroom ceiling fan. This causes the fan to work even harder to prevent mildew after showers. Before you head into fall, take off the cover of the fan, wash out any built up dust, and vacuum the fixture.



2. Spruce Up the Mudrom

With back to school around the the corner, more traffic, more jackets, more shoes and boots, and more bags will be passing through your mudroom or front foyer. It could be time to give your mudroom a makeover with custom cabinetry or cubbies to keep belongings organized. It is also a good idea to tidy up and pack away summer shoes to make sure they do not get buried and forgotten.



3. Inspect & Clean the Gutters

You don’t want to head into fall with wet leaves already clogging up your gutters simply because more wet leaves are to come! Now is the time to clean them out. Consider installing gutter guards if your home is situated among tall trees so you can mitigate the gutter clean-up in the future.



4. Light Up the Outdoors

The sun will soon be setting earlier than you have gotten used to. Light up your front walkway to prevent accidents in the evening. They will also be helpful in the early morning as you put out your garbage or recycling. Install new fixtures, or replace burnt out bulbs that have been forgotten during the summer.



5. Seeding the Lawn

Let’s not forget your lawn! Since your lawn will no longer be constantly subject to daily summer heat, fall is the best time to lay down new grass seed. This allows the seed to get a head start in maturing, and thus will avoid trying to germinate fresh seed in the cool springtime ground.



6. Check CO Detectors and Smoke Alarms

A good rule of thumb when it comes to your emergency detectors is to check and test them with every change of the season. This will give you a chance to replace any batteries and make sure they are functioning properly. As you move from reaching for the AC to reaching for the heating or fireplace, it is especially important to have a functioning CO detector in case of emergency.



How else are you prepping your home for fall? Share with us below.

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1. Clean the Bathroom Fan

2. Spruce Up the Mudroom

3. Inspect & Clean the Gutters

4. Light Up the Outdoors

5. Seeding the Lawn


6. Check CO Detectors & Smoke Alarms

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