Owning a cottage is an exciting milestone in life, however, you may be caught between choosing to invest in a smaller or larger cottage.

There are benefits to both owning a small or a large cottage. With cost of the actual property set aside, we’ll look at the other benefits that come with packaging your vacation home into smaller and larger quarters.

We’ll begin with looking at the 4 Benefits of Owning a Smaller Cottage:

1. Budget for Higher Quality Finishes

Cottage investments in themselves can be quite expensive since location is a major factor that plays into the price of the lot. A small cottage may be a good choice if you want to have a decked-out cottage that is customized to your taste in interior design, but you do not have the finances to pour into a large, custom-built cottage. Renovating a smaller cottage will give you the flexibility to allocate the funds you would have put into a larger property towards higher quality finishes throughout the home.



2. Less Upkeep & Cleaning

A major part of being a cottage owner is cottage maintenance. Throughout the off-season, cottage owners work on their interiors, and in the summer, it’s time to spruce up the exterior after a harsh winter. Of course, the level of upkeep is scalable to the property size. With a smaller cottage, there are less areas to clean inside, and less surface area on the exterior to maintain. This allows you to be a bit more relieved of stress when you’re up at the cottage, and also is beneficial to aging cottage owner that may not be comfortable doing the same level of handy work.



3. Cozy Interior Design

The concept of a “cozy, rustic interior design” that is often applied to the traditional cottage is inherent for smaller properties. If you enjoy the traditional look of a cozier, cabin-style cottage, then a smaller property will naturally help you add to this atmosphere.



4. Embrace the Outdoors

Some cottage owners are more focused on enjoying the outdoors when it comes to visiting the cottage, whether they’re soaking up the sun on the deck, out on the boat, or fishing. With all that time outside, it’s no surprise that these same people are okay with square footage on the more conservative side. Even with a larger lot, a smaller cottage structure leaves you more room to built out the deck or dock area so you can embrace the outdoors even more.



Now that we’ve looked at the benefits that come with a smaller cottage, let’s explore 4 Benefits of Owning a Larger Cottage.


1. More Room

To no surprise, the first benefit of a larger cottage is simply having more room. Having more room is in best interest for those with growing families or large extended families, and those who often host guests to their property. Of course, a larger lot gives you extra space for larger furniture, bedrooms, and bathrooms to make sure every household occupant has a comfortable stay in the home.



2. Investment for Year-Round Cottage Use

A larger property often is built for year-round use, meaning it is equipped to handle the cold of the winter (also known as a “winterized” cottage), and the heat of the summer. With winter, the inclination to spend the days outdoors is far more suppressed so it’s important to have enough space in the home to make it comfortable for those who choose to keep their vacationing within four walls.



3. Retirement Planning

When you’re investing into a cottage as a stable, middle-aged homeowner, you might want to consider extending the usage of that cottage property into your years of retirement. There are two sides to this coin, however. You may want to invest into a larger property so it is comfortable for you as you age, and so it allows for visitors year-round. On the other hand, you could also invest for purely investment-related purposes as well! Cottage-country is a hot market for real estate, so investing into a property and maintaining it over a number of years could set you up for an advantageous return when it comes to your prime years of retirement.retired1


4. Less Planning for Space Usage

With a smaller property, you may come across the stress of trying to assign space accordingly to make sure everything fits, including room for storage during off-season. A larger property gives you the freedom to furnish, store, and grow with your property without the concern of clever storage hacks or investment into additional storage space separate from the home (eg. storage sheds).

On an interior design note, a large cottage is also more suitable for those who love modern and open-concept design. Modern finishes in cottages are a growing trend, so having the space to allow for your contemporary interior design tastes could be a deciding factor in what cottage size you move in to.




What is more appealing to you: smaller cottage living or larger cottage living? Share with us below!

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