Designing a home with young children in mind doesn’t mean having to sacrifice elements of your dream home.

Today we’re offering 6 ways to make your family home more child-friendly that go beyond child-proofing and rounded corners. We promise it is possible to have a beautifully designed home that is also fit for the needs of a growing family.

Built-In Cabinetry & Smart Storage

Having ample storage in a single-family home is important to keep things tidy and well-organized. Instead of mixmatching a variety of storage units around the house, consider investing in larger built-in cabinetry solutions. This could mean an entire wall of shelving and lower drawers/cabinets around the fireplace, or even a wall of wardrobe cabinetry with smaller compartments. These can be installed anywhere in the house, but the most important would be in the bedrooms and living room areas. Having the proper storage in these areas will help the kids learn how to put their things away at a young age.



A Mud-Free Mudroom

Mudroom-designated areas of the home are increasingly becoming more in-demand. Mudrooms are often equipped with cubby-style storage for each member of the home (to fit bags, jackets, and other outer wear), benches, and under-cubby storage space for dirty shoes. With this amount of organization, getting everyone out of the house in time is made much smoother. While a coat closet is great for storing outwear and shoes, having a mudroom allows each family member to keep their own belongings organized without having to fight for precious closet space. This is also a great way to have kids learn how to take responsibility over their own space.



Clean Lines Over Frills

When it comes to choosing the silhouettes of your furniture and finishes, opt for something with sturdy, clean lines. You don’t want to add to many extra bits to things that could either pose a hazard or have a higher chance of being destroyed at the grips of curious hands. For example, the low maintenance route often veers away from dangling fabrics such as tablecloths, couch skirts, and drapery. Exposed legs on coffee tables and couches also makes it easier to clean underneath since dust is not as easily trapped – it’s a win-win!



Patterns & Darker Hues

To no surprise, all-white rooms are prone to getting dirty quickly. With young children around, it is always a good idea to look into incorporating patterned or darker fabrics into your interior design. Both of these act as a great backdrop to any unfortunate mess. If a patterned couch or area rug is too much for you, try going for a heathered fabric to help disguise any stain residue.



Abuse-Proof Materials

You may be tempted to invest less into the material finishes of your home when you have young kids in anticipation of damages. However, we suggest you focus on longevity and easy-clean-up by investing in these resilient materials:

Walls: Wipeable wall paint (satin, semigloss, or eggshell finish) and chalkboard walls (a great alternative to scrubbing off crayon from your white walls).

Windows: Curtains are a beautiful addition to the room, but they also can be a hazard. We suggest going for blinds because they are well out of reach (just make sure the cords are tucked out of reach, or opt for cordless shutters).

Floors: When choosing floors, stick with anything that can be wiped down with a damp mop such as tiles, wood, laminate, and linoleum. Parents of young children often think carpet is good for the purpose of cushioning the fall of new crawlers/walkers. If you do want to have a carpeted area, try to go for something in a darker colour with low pile. This will make it easier to clean.



Create a Family Space

It may be tempting to sequester the kids to “their” areas of the house whether it is their bedroom, a playroom, or the basement. While everyone in the house is entitled to their own personal areas (namely the bedrooms), we encourage you to regard the rest of the home as “family space”. This will allow kids to learn to respect the entire house, and will encourage them to take care of it as their own. Having storage in these family areas is important for this lesson so they do not have to worry about hauling their belongings around the house (which inevitably would lead to leaving them around the house). Invest in family-area pieces like large tables for game nights, or reading nooks to curl up in. Play into the hobbies of your entire family to find the best use for your family space.




What do you think is important to have in a family home with young children? Share with us below.

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