Foundation Repair


The threat from a damaged foundation could have a costly affect on your home, and your wallet if the issue is left unattended over a prolonged period of time. We promise to provide high quality workmanship to ensure your foundation is durable for the long run with no cut corners.

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When you notice leaks or puddles in your basement, those are your cues to look into your foundation’s structural integrity. As water collects, this could lead to the growth of deep-set mould that can compromise your home’s air quality. Our team will investigate the issue, and reverse the damages done to your basement while ensuring to prevent future incidents.


Signs that your home’s foundation may need a structural repair can include: misaligned doors that will not close, warped floors, separation around windows or walls, and foundational cracks. The team at GTB will take the steps to assess your situation and will repair the issues facing your property with the highest degree of expertise, and efficiency.


Cracks in your home’s foundation are evidence of water that has seeped into the material below the structure. With seasonal freeze-thaw cycles, the trapped water expands and contracts to widen these cracks. Cracks along the foundation walls indicate that its structure has been compromised. Have our team look into the problem, and repair the damage before the foundation cracks have a chance to worsen with future freeze-thaw cycles.

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