Starting a home building or renovation project can be difficult when you are unfamiliar with how to budget for one. For this reason, GTB has created a easy-to-follow guide to calculating your own estimate at your own pace.

Greater Toronto Builders is now providing visitors to our website with an opportunity to download a free copy of the first edition of our Cost Estimate Calculation Guide. This guide provides a 4 step process to calculating a rough estimate of your renovation project.

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The Four Steps

The Cost Estimate Calculation Guide brings you through 4 steps: calculating your Construction cost, Interior Finishes cost, Exterior Finishes cost, then summing it all together and finding out next steps.

The second step, calculating Interior Finishes, involves our Good, Better, Best approach to material selections. We have provided a brief explanation of the approach on page 2 of the Guide. To learn more details about the benefits of our approach, visit our blog post on GTB’s Good, Better, Best Approach.

4 steps


Over 100 Finishes and Building Material Options

In order for the Guide to be the most effective for giving you an accurate representation of all the different options for your renovation, we have compiled over 100 different finishes and building materials into our pricing lists. By providing a wide range of selection, we intend for you to find the perfect option for your unique renovation. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology for some building materials or finishes, we encourage you to contact our office for clarification.



Extra Resources

Information is power when it comes to planning a home renovation or building project. Projects can increase in complexity quickly, especially when one has to factor in City building code regulations. On pages 11 to 17 of the Guide, we have provided up-to-date informational resources on subjects such as: Zoning, Building Permits, and Minor Variances. As a GTA-centric company, our resources are based on the Toronto City by-laws. However, if you happen to reside in a location outside of Toronto, these resources will help you familiarize with the terminology that you will come across when dealing with the City Building Code for your own city or town.

The Final Resource… Our Team. Our team of architects, project consultants, and interior designers are at the ready to help you plan, design, and execute your project. If you prefer to reach out to one of our representatives to check over your numbers, or would like to find out about next steps to work with us on your project, please reach out to our office via phone, e-mail, or even in person.



How do I download my copy?

When you opened our website in your browser, you would have been greeted with a pop-up with a Download button. If you closed this pop-up, try closing the page and reopening once more. If the pop-up does not trigger, we encourage you to e-mail us a request at


We hope that the Cost Estimate Calculation Guide is helpful and informative, and most importantly, provides you with the resources to get your dream home project moving forward.


The Greater Toronto Builders team has a network of professionals to take care of your project from concept to completion. Contact us today hear more about how our project design consultants can help you or to book a free consultation contact us at 647 35 BUILD or email us at

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