You’ve decided you want to build yourself a better home, condo, or cottage. Weighing out your options to pay equal attention to your budget, and your vision, is the next step.

Greater Toronto Builders prides ourselves on allowing our clients to take the driver’s seat in their projects, with us taking on the role of their navigators. Your vision is paramount, and we will provide all the guidance you need to weigh out your options, and make the best decision for achieving your dream home goals.

The Good, Better, Best approach was designed to give you three “buckets” of interior finish options that are categorized by a particular level of quality, and respective price point. Each bucket (Good, Better, or Best) has it’s own selection of brands based on its price point.

The advantage that comes from our approach is allowing you to better pin-point the home equity you’re trying to position your home with. For example, if you live in a neighbourhood of similar, middle-class homes, you may not want to sky-rocket your home’s value above the rest of your surrounding properties with the “Best” options. Why? If your home was tagged at a much higher price than those of your neighbours, no matter how merited it was based on your finishes, your home would not be as well received by prospective buyers due to it seeming overvalued. This same concept applies to a condominium building.

If you’re not yet thinking about how well your home will fare on the market, the Good, Better, Best approach still caters to your needs. Another advantage of the approach is in how it simplifies decision-making for your project. Whether you prefer taking a broader-view at your options by first evaluating which “bucket” would fit best with your needs, or a more specified focus by only exploring one level, the Good, Better, Best approach will allow you the flexibility you want in material selection.

Now that you know more about the approach, and it’s benefits, let’s take a general look at what each category has to offer.

The “GOOD” Option

This category of interior finishes are “on trend”, basic finishes that are supplied primarily by major North American manufacturer brands. The warranties offered by these manufacturers are quite standard according to the industry. Materials in this category are a step above what you would typically find in the stores of major home improvement brands.

In the render below, we see features including: an on-trend subway tile backsplash, standard cabinetry and millwork, and a basic floor finish.

Kitchen (Good)


The “BETTER” Option

The finishes in this category are of higher quality than the previous option. They represent a classic, and/or “on-trend” style for interior finishes. These products are supplied by both major North American brands, and imported boutique manufacturers. Imported varieties often offer extended warranties. Since these finishes are of higher quality (as a function of their hand-crafted nature or raw material), they are tagged with a higher price than those in the “Good” category.

In the render below, we see that the cabinetry has been designed to be more customized (with a glass cabinet door, below-counter drawers, and a wine rack). The backsplash now includes a decorative finish below the range hood. The door is now customized with a mirror finish. The kitchen counters are extended into an L-shape, allowing for bar stools, a below-counter microwave, and more counter space. Crown moulding has been added around the entire space. Finally, the floors have been updated with a higher-quality wood.

Kitchen (Better)


The “BEST” Option

The materials in this category are of the highest quality in custom interior finishes. Products in this option are uniquely sourced, hand-crafted, and supplied by European and imported manufacturers and artisans. Since they are imported, they typically offer a lifetime warranty. The budget in this category can be limitless due to the high degree of customization (in terms of material quality, and design) that is available at this level.

In the render below, we see all sorts of high-quality updates to the kitchen. Cabinetry has been completely customized, including down-lit cabinets along the top, a wall of cabinetry surrounding the fridge, and task-lighting over the counters. The oven has been upgraded to two stacked ovens fixed within the custom cabinets. The L-shaped kitchen has now been designed into an island to allow for a mini-fridge, wine rack, ample bar stool seating, more counter space, and a sink. The walls have been finished with both crown moulding and wainscotting. The floors now have premium hard-wood finishes. Finally, the windows have been enlarged to allow for more natural light.

Kitchen (Best)


We hope that this breakdown of the “Good, Better, Best” approach has given you the opportunity to learn about different levels of material finishes, and perhaps given you ideas for your next home improvement project. Should you have any questions about our approach to material selection, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office, or via e-mail.


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