When we have pets, keeping the house safe and clean may not be enough. Even if we do not have a lot of space available or we do not have a garden, we still should do our best to have a house that allows our pets to both play and rest happily.

Here 5 ideas for those who love the company of dogs and cats within the walls of the house.

1. Choosing a durable floor

When we have pets, one of the first things to consider is the floor: undoubtedly, the presence of a pet, especially if of large size, can change drastically the way your floor will look. Water, food, or simply our pets playing with their nails on a soft flooring can cause big damage. The advice is to choose laminate flooring, stone, or ceramic tiles. Such floors are easier to clean and cooler in hot weather, an important consideration if we have pets with thick or long fur.dog-on-laminate-flooring

2. Building a dog\cat gate

Building a dog or\and a cat gate is a great idea to keep our pets safe and to build a designated area of the house where our pets can play, rest or live in general. It is important that our pets feel comfortable and that they are safe even when we are not at home or when they are not under our control.


3. Building a pet feeding station

Living with pets also means accepting a messy house. Building a pet feeding station can be an excellent solution to better organize food storage and bowls.


4. Creating special spaces

Like us, our pets need their own space, especially to rest. You need to provide an area dedicated only to them.  Having some unique and original ideas will help you saving space and using the most of some angles of the house that are empty or that seem useless.


5. Creating a pet friendly door

Again, like us, our pets need to have their own freedom. Creating a pet friendly door is a functional solution that offers freedom of movement to our pets.


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