In Toronto, where real estate is one of the most expensive in Canada. We have listed a few of ideas that will help you improve, save and use in a better way the small space most of the renters in Toronto have. This is a common issue in a city where a 1 bedroom apartment can go all the way up to 1,600 dollars per month depending on the apartments location.

When having a place with limited room, you will want to consider having specific areas that will allow you to perform different tasks all in one place. It can either be your home office or guest bedroom it really all depends on how the place is built and how much room it has.

The Designer John Gidding, explained how creating a simple desk unit and adding a collection of shelves above or around the walls will not just give you space for storage but, you will be using the room’s full potential.

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As simple as it sounds, using the area under your bed will allow you to have much more space in your bedroom for other things and it will let you keep things organized. We would recommend getting rolling bed storage as they tend to be more convenient either way, both work.


When it comes to living in places that lack space. Being creative is something you would want to apply. There will always be different ways to save and use in the most productive way the limited area there might be in your room, house or apartment.

From putting shelves around the walls to adding wall storage or even having your own small desk under the stairs. There will always be something for you to do to achieve the maximum potential of your property. For more great ideas click here!











Remember, having a small place should not limit your creativity. There are different ways you can achieve the place you always wanted without using too much room.

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