A properly staged home could seal the deal for homebuyers when it comes to viewing a house for sale.

Home staging refers to the process of preparing a home for sale in the real estate market. The principle behind this step is to make the home feel as universally appealing as it can be in order to sell it faster, and for more money. When there are aspects of the home that buyers register as a “no-no” from the beginning, this is when they negotiate the price down since they know they’ll be changing that aspect as soon as they move in. So what does constitute as “universally appealing” for home design? We’ve compiled some expert advice for putting your home’s best foot forward to bring the buyers flocking in.


Neutral Colour Palette

It’s hard to visualize living in a certain space when it is covered in bright colours and prints. Why? Because your prospective buyer could have a completely different vision that could easily clash with how you have decorated. If they can’t see themselves realizing their vision in your space, chances are they won’t be as inclined to buy. It’s a safer bet to go with a neutral colour palette (not to mention, a fresh coat of paint will yield a good ROI) in order to have your home speak for itself.

Play up the natural sunlight that comes into your rooms by choosing tones that look best in that kind of light. Jonathan Poore of Style at Home suggests beginning with the use of “muted warm colours with rich, cool accents” as a rule of thumb.



Keep it Clean (and Odour Free!)

Nothing is more of a turn-off than a filthy home when you’re trying to picture yourself living there. Tidy up before each viewing of your home, namely in the kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms – clutter will do you no good in staging the home. It’s also a good idea to do a more thorough clean each week in order to keep dust at bay and have surfaces shine. Finally, its a safe bet to use a light-smelling plug-in air freshener to help the home stay odour-free (this is especially a good idea for pet owners, no matter how clean your pet is!).



Lighting the Home

A well-lit home looks both more welcoming and roomy than a darker one. Choose lighting tones (eg. white, yellow, etc.) that best work with the space around it. Strategically placed floor lamps or side-table lamps can highlight certain areas of the room, and will give the buyer an impression of how the room can be used.




We all get attached to our homes because they are so closely linked to memories. For both your buyer’s sake and for your own sake, it’s important to depersonalize your home as much as you can when you are prepping it for sale. For the buyer, they rather not look at a home that looks “lived in” because all they want to see are the possibilities for creating their own memories in that house. For yourself, you may find depersonalizing the space will help you cut down on the attachment, or even guilt, for moving away. Take down family photos and any decorations that speak to your personality – unless they are very toned-down pieces that anyone would like. You don’t want you home to look too sterile – it’s all about finding that balance.



Decorating Ideas

There’s a fine line to walk when you’re adding a few decorations to a staged home. The idea is to keep it at a minimum in general, but there are a few types of decorations that make for a more welcoming home – and this is what we’re going for. Here are a few examples:

  • Front Entrance: A mirror placed here will help reflect natural light to make the front of the home more welcoming. A bench also adds a welcoming touch.
  • Bathroom: If you’ve ever been to a spa or hair salon, you perhaps noticed the neatly rolled, white towels stacked on top of one another. This neat, and practical, decoration brings a “spa-like” quality to the bathroom.
  • Kitchen: Staged kitchens often include a fresh pop of colour like a bowl of fruit (no rotten fruits please!), or a small potted flower or shrub.
  • Bedroom: Bump up the cozy factor in the bedroom with freshly fluffed bed linens, and a throw blanket. Nothing is more welcoming!



Curb Appeal

Don’t be misled to think that prospective home buyers only focus on the appearance of your property on the inside. Curb appeal plays a major factor in home staging because your degree of curb appeal directly influences the prospective buyer’s first impression of the property. Your house could be absolutely gorgeous inside, but if you have a field of weeds shrouding a cracked patio stone pathway, you may come off as negligent to the property at first glance. Read more on curb appeal with 5 Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal.




Was there a part of your home staging that stood out as the wow factor? Share your home staging tips with us below!

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Neutral Colour Palette

Keep it Clean (and Odour-Free!)



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Decorating Ideas

Curb Appeal

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