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Renovating or custom designing your bathroom isn’t like redoing areas of your home that are open to your guests. The bathroom, especially the ensuite, is your area to relax and take care of yourself. If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, we’ve got the latest bathroom trends for you to incorporate into its new look.


1. Freestanding Bathtubs

The freestanding bathtub is a classical look, but today’s designs have a modern twist. Sleek, minimalist designs are in high-demand for homeowners that are bringing transitional interior design into their bathrooms. Having a soaker tub in the ensuite is a luxury feature that will have you in a full relaxation at the end of the day.



2. Detail in the Tiles

Mosaic tile details are a trendy way to add visual interest to your bathroom, especially when other areas of your bathroom have rather plain finishes. A trendy pattern that homeowners are incorporating into their tiled floors is a border. This pattern is great because it gives the illusion of an area rug in the bathroom, without the fuss of caring for a carpet.



3. Double Vanities

If space permits, double vanities can be essential in a family home, whether it is for the children’s bathroom, or for the adults.



4. Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinets are a trendy way to add uniqueness to any area of the home. In the bathroom, they are especially useful for achieving your ideal storage set up. Change up door style, countertop material (eg. granite, quartz), and accessory features, like a jewelry rack, or a holder for hair styling tools.



5. Waterfall, Steam, & Multi-head Showers

There is an extensive selection of shower head designs on the market today. A few trendy designs include: waterfall (pictured below on the left), steam, and multi-head (both pictured below on the right). Owning a steam shower is like having a sauna in the comfort of your own bathroom. Multi-head shower heads are good if you like to indulge in variance every so often.



6. Shower Seats

Shower seats are increasingly being incorporated into luxurious showers for homeowners both adult and senior. Shower seats serve a variety of functions including: storing shower products, seating for a steam shower, and a safe area to bathe for those who are not comfortable with their physical stability to remain standing. In fact, shower seats are growing bathroom trend for the baby boomer population for that reason.



7. Rimless Toilets

We’re all familiar with the difficulty that comes with cleaning beneath the rim of the toilet. When innovative toilet brush designs seize to do the trick, it may be time to consider the trendy rimless toilet. These toilets are designed to be easy to clean, and to look more minimalistic to appeal to those looking to achieve a modern design in their bathroom.



8. Undermounted Sinks

Undermounted sinks were introduced to the kitchen years ago, and now it is their time to shine in the bathroom. This sink design is a seamless integration of a basin into the counter – no edge for dirt build up! This design is often seen in contemporary bathrooms.



9. White & Neutral Tones

White and neutral tones are used in the bathroom to create a serene, and calming space while still being bright. Achieve this bathroom trend with light wood finishes, neutral toned colours, white bathroom fixtures (eg. tub, sinks), and white tiles.



10. Stone & Wood Finishes

Natural elements in the bathroom help create a calming ambiance, which is why we see these elements so often incorporated into spa designs. Custom stonework and rich wood panels are popular ways to incorporate this bathroom trend into your home.



What do you think of these 10 bathroom trends? Share with us below!

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1. Freestanding Bathtubs

2. Detail in the Tiles

3. Double Vanities

4. Custom Cabinetry

5. Waterfall, Steam, & Multi-head Showers

6. Shower Seats

7. Rimless Toilets

8. Undermounted Sinks

9. White & Neutral Tones

10. Stone & Woods

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