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GTB is bringing you another dose of home inspiration with today’s trend report. When you’re designing your own custom home, it could be daunting to plan out the details of each and every room. Today we’re sharing 11 of this years popular trends in home design (layout, materials, and features) in hopes that it brings you inspiration for your next project. Share your thoughts on these trends with us in the comments!


1. Great Rooms

Great rooms are areas of the home that combine the family room and kitchen. A trendy feature of today’s homes is to have one of these great rooms instead of the traditional living room. Why? Homeowners increasingly want to open up their kitchen, the hub of energy in the home, into other areas of the home.



2. More than One Master Suite

With an aging baby boomer population, many parents are moving back into their childrens’ homes as seniors. This has made having a second master suite in the home more popular. The second master suite is also a useful addition for not only housing multiple generations, but guests as well.



3. Back to the Cozy Kitchen

Many kitchens have been remodeled to be more contemporary or modern, with sleek finishes and clean, crisp whites. However, the cozy kitchen style is coming back with the increasing popularity of shaker style cabinets, and warmer tones.



4. Open Space

The open concept floorplan has been popular for years, and it continues to reign in popularity for the younger generation. This is because the younger, hipper generation wants to achieve the highest sense of togetherness in their homes by opening up space into – you guessed it – the kitchen’s hub of activity.



5. Eco-Friendly, Recycled Materials

Home designers and furniture designers are capitalizing on the creative uses for reclaimed wood, and recycled materials in order to bring unique, eco-friendly products to market. Two examples of this trend is shown below: a wall finished with reclaimed wood planks, and a petrified wooden sink.



6. Quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone that is giving granite a run for its money. Quartzite is nearly indestructible, and closely resembles marble without having the extra worry of staining your precious countertop. It is also being chosen over quartz as a natural alternative.



7. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles with a wood-grain pattern are a popular choice for high-traffic areas of the home. They are durable, and looking strikingly similar to regular wood – perfect for the kitchen if you’re worried about stains and spills!



8. Space Saving Built-Ins

Built-in features to the home are investment-pieces, for example, built in bunkbeds or custom cabinetry. However, these built-in features can save you valuable space, and given your home a truly one-of-a-kind look.



9. Water & Energy Conservation

Water and energy efficient appliances and features are reaching all-time heights in popularity as more and more homeowners learn about the long-term savings that come with these solutions. Dual-flush toilets, and energy efficient windows are among the most popular.



10. Specialized Storage

Specialized storage is the term for storage that is located exactly where it is needed. This home design trend includes the super pantry – a pantry that has everything you’ll ever need in a prep space: handy access to ingredients, prep space, and appliances. These specialized storage solutions often are placed in areas that have “wasted space”, for example, in the space between the fridge and the wall beside it.




11. Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting into the home makes for a clean, minimal finish in your home design. Kitchens are a hotspot for the recessed lighting trend, which allows for the other beautiful features of the kitchen to take the spotlight.



What do you think of these 11 home design trends? Share with us below!

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1. Great Rooms

2. More than One Master Suite

3. Cozy Kitchens

4. Open Space 

5. Eco-friendly Materials

6. Quartzite

7. Porcelain Tiles

8. Space Saving Built-Ins

9. Water & Energy Conservation

10. Specialized Storage

11. Kitchen Recessed Lighting


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