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We’re breaking down 11 of the latest kitchen trends for August 2015. Share your thoughts on these trends with us in the comments!


1. Open Shelving

After countless years in the confines of the upper cabinetry, dishes around the country are now getting some air and showing off their designs in neat stacks. Open shelving makes the kitchen seem more open, and spacious since there are no bulky compartments on the walls.



2. Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are coming back on both kitchen floors and backsplashes. This is one of many kitchen trends that add great visual appeal and colour to the room.



3. Playing Up Textures

Another addition to our kitchen trends is the mixing of different textures. A few examples of these textures are brick, metallic, and matte finishes. Metallics can be found on hardware, fixtures, and even the sidings of the kitchen island, while matte finishes are often seen on neutral-coloured cabinets. With the right mix, you’ll have a harmonious kitchen interior design.



4. Comeback of Laminate

According to Kitchen & Bath Business, laminate is making a comeback as a finish in the kitchen. Cabinetry with laminate finishes helps replicate the beauty of wood tones, however, it is much less maintenance and comes in at a lower cost. The sheen off of laminate also makes the design look more modern.



5. White-Out

All-white finishes -from the cabinets to the floors- make for a trendy kitchen these days. This clean, minimalist, contemporary look is great with stainless steel appliances, and industrial-looking hardware.



6. The “Marble Look”

Marble is a high quality finish that is being used on everything from floors to backsplashes to counters. Countertop manufacturers are finding many ways to replicate the beauty of marble without the hefty price tag that comes with real marble. By using materials like quartz, and laminate, the “marble look” is getting much more achievable.



7. Under-the-Countertop Microwaves

In the past, we saw microwaves make their way from the countertop to being embedded within the upper cabinetry of the kitchen. Now, they’re heading lower in the kitchen to about knee-height. Whether you’re moving your microwave to make room for cabinetry or you simply don’t want the sight of the microwave at eye-level, this kitchen trend can be your answer!



8. Brass & Copper Hardware

Brass and copper hardware is becoming more on-trend for it’s luxe, up-to-date look. But proceed with caution when incorporating it into your kitchen – it tends to clash with stainless steel finishes!



9. Inner-Cabinet Lighting

Inner-cabinet lighting can both be functional and aesthetic-enhancing. Along the top cabinetry, we’re seeing more homes with spot lights installed within the cabinet to illuminate the dinnerware and glassware – adding a twinkle and glow to the kitchen. In the lower cabinetry and drawers, cabinets are equipped with automatic lights that flick on when the cabinet/drawer is opened. Talk about handy for when you’re searching in the back of your deepest cabinets!



10. Smart Kitchens

Kitchens are becoming smarter with all the latest gadgets designed to increase the utility of your appliances. Appliances now sync up with smartphones so they can be controlled remotely. In addition, kitchens are becoming more electronics-friendly with charging stations being built right in to drawers, and enclaves being reserved within the cabinetry for mounted televisions.




11. Island Counters

Islands have been a growing trend for quite some time, however they seem to be more and more in demand by home buyers. The benefits of the island include: better traffic flow, more counter space, and more seating. They also are great for bringing a group of people together in the kitchen even if some people are preparing and some are simply observing.



What do you think of these 11 kitchen trends? Share with us below!

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1. Open Shelving

2. Patterned Tiles

3. Playing Up Textures

4. Comeback of Laminate

5. White-Out

6. The “Marble Look”

7. Under-the-Countertop Microwaves

8. Brass & Copper Hardware

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9. Inner-Cabinet Lighting

10. Smart Kitchens

11. Island Counters

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