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Building a custom home in the Toronto market is a project best trusted with the right team of home designers and builders. We’re here to ensure that your luxury custom home is the pinnacle of elegant and tasteful design. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every element of your custom home’s construction exceeds your exacting specifications.

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Completely visualize your space before we break ground. Exacting floor plans and life like 3D renders create a comprehensive layout of your home depicting sizes, finishes and furnishings. Our designers and architects are here to work with you to create a final plan for your home.  Need a wall changed? Not a problem, your ideas are our guide to a perfect space.

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You have no desire to move homes, but space is getting a bit cramped. Your family is growing and having a home that grows with you is the solution you are most comfortable moving forward with. As a custom home builder, we understand the connection a family has to their home and will work with you to design and create a practical and beautiful home addition to your space.

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As time passes, trends change. Wall colours lighten or darken; furniture turns modular or stays classic and everything else in between follows suit. So when do you start your home renovations, where should you renovate and how do you decide what changes should be made? Greater Toronto Builders is a team of professionals that will listen to why you want things changed and best guide you as to how your space can be updated.

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While a lot of newer condominiums now have modern kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we find a lot of savvy clientele choose to own an older condo in the Toronto market because of the larger square footage, and then do bathroom and kitchen renovations with modern details. This is a great real estate investment and a fantastic way to get the best of both worlds in a Toronto condo: Large square footage and a modern design.

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Your cottage lifestyle is a function of the space you choose to reside in while visiting cottage country. Whether you’re envisioning the cozy cabin-style cottage of your dreams, or a luxury vacation home that’s nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Greater Toronto Builders’ team of home designers and architects will work with you to realize your vision from start to finish.

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The threat from a damaged foundation could have a costly affect on your home, and your wallet if the issue is left unattended over a prolonged period of time. Have our team look into the problem, and repair the damage before the foundation cracks. We promise to provide high quality workmanship to ensure your foundation is durable for the long run with no cut corners.

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