A warm home is a happy home when it comes to Canadian winters.

While this winter has been unusually kind to us in the Greater Toronto Area, it is no secret that it is still cold enough to need to warm up your house! With the delay in the December cold, we have been blessed with extra time to better winterize our homes. Besides cranking up the furnace, we have compiled four great ways to keep your home warm.


1. Insulation

Insulation seems like an obvious way to keep the home warm, but there are areas of the house that sometimes lack in this department. These two areas are: the attic, and the room above your garage. If your room has ever been on top of the garage, you know that it can get very cold very fast. A quick renovation to add insulation above the garage will help keep that room toasty. Insulating the attic is beneficial on two fronts. First, it keeps warm air in the house, and secondly, it prevents the formation of ice dams on the rooftop if the attic is insulated across the ceiling as well. This means it helps the indoor house heat distribute itself across the roof to evenly melt snow and ice.



2. Strategic Curtains

Curtains are like blankets for your windows (and even for your doors!), and as such, they provide a great layer of insulation during the winter nights. However, it is a good idea to leave your curtains open during the daytime to allow sunlight to warm up the room. This is a cost-effective way to warm up your house with little effort! Just make sure you always keep them shut at night to act as a barrier to the cold.



3. Close Off Unused Rooms

Let’s face it, there is no point in heating an room that is never used. After your guests have left after holiday festivities, take a minute to go to the room (and any other rarely used rooms in the house) and close off the air vents. With one less room to feed warm air, closing off these vents will allow more heat to be distributed through the ducts system in parts of the house that can use it.



4. Sealing Air Leaks

Having a good seal between the window panes and the window frames keeps the cold air from slipping through in exchange for the warm air flowing through the home interior. Installing weather stripping is an easy task for a home owner, and it only requires a few pieces of equipment (often pre-packaged as a kit) to get the job done. In addition to your weather stripping on the door, make sure your door sweep is not worn down and letting air exchange through it. You can also touch up the caulking around your windows if you notice a draft coming in.

In addition to weather stripping, you should also take a look at your kitchen hood vent, and areas of the home where wood meets cement (like the basement). These are both common places for warm air to escape and thus be replaced with cold air form outside. Check out ENERGY STAR for tips on how to locate air leaks.



May your days be merry, WARM, and bright this holiday season! What other ways do you keep your home warm? Share with us below.


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1. Insulation

2. Strategic Curtains

3. Close Off Unused Rooms

4. Seal Air Leaks

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